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Charity Sector

A UK national charity approached us in 1997 to run their mail order trading company. They were moving offices and recognised that the potential of their trading subsidiary needed significantly resourced, both in terms of infrastructure and personnel.

We now design and mail their 48 page A4 catalogue; stock the products; manage their ecommerce website; provide customer service; pick n pack orders; manage the debtor ledger right through to monthly management accounts.

Since 1997 we have more than trebled the company's turnover and recently ended a year that saw the charity net over £ 750K to further their charitable aims.

Leisure Sector

An entrepreneur who has developed a device for the leisure industry wanted to add a shopping basket to his website. We provided a secure basket branded as per his own site with full product categories, media codes and email and paperwork branded as well.

Since providing this we assigned a dedicated non-geographic telephone number for his customer service providing resources around him that add real value to his company and product.

Recently, as his business developed into Europe, we have upgraded his website further by implementing full multi-lingual multi-currency functionality to extend his reach beyond the UK.

Retail Sector

A retailer wanted to reward their Loyalty club customers with vouchers for a mixture of money off and discount vouchers. Working closely with them we developed a very attractive and cost-effective mailer that incorporated 14 vouchers, each one of which was personalised and barcoded for the Client's epos system.

The mailer has been so successful - response rates of almost 40% - that the Client runs them continually throughout the year to drive sales in the store.

A fashion retailer was keen to connect with their customers with Invitation Evenings and giving advance notice of new ranges. A response card for use in the stores was put together and staff trained to encourage customers to complete their details. These cards are then returned to us for data capture using PAF software. All of the Client's data is stored on our secure servers and extracted each time they want to mail their customers.

The mailing consists of a well designed A5 postcard, has proven to be very effective and allows our Client to benefit from our comprehensive database resources at a fraction of the cost of maintaining them in house.

Government Sector

A government agency approached us to manage a questionnaire in the health arena. The difficulty they faced was that they did not hold the names and addresses of the people being helped by a particular programme whom they wanted to question about it. These details were held by service providers in the field.

We developed a solution for them in which we barcoded questionnaires and their carrier envelopes, monitored them out, received them back to us, posted them out again to the end recipient and receipt end the final completed questionnaire back into us. Not only did our Client save thousands of pounds but we provided daily reports on the project's status and provided detailed data that they had never had before.

Financial Sector

A Client in the financial sector needed to distribute £ 230M by cheque to almost 10,000 recipients with every single cheque manually validated.

We were the Client’s first choice for this job and we provided a secure drive on our server for the data; designed and sourced the base stock for the cheques; managed the data through a complex series of calculations; adjusted rounding at each calculation; presented a summary of the calculations in the covering letter; sorted for maximum postal discount; printed; manually checked each cheque three times and mailed the cheques on time. Afterwards we presented the Client with a file of every record with their cheque number and value for their reconciliation purposes.

Property Sector

A Client manages ground rent demands which can vary in value from under £2.00 to in excess of £100.00 and needed a way of mailing them and collecting them in as cost effective a way as possible.

We developed several mailer options for the Client to select their preference - the first generation of which contained a Bank Giro. On further analysis with the Client it was determined that this brought certain limitations and this has now evolved into a simple Remittance Slip.

Over the years that we have worked with the Client it became very apparent that they could benefit from the provision of an online payment portal for these small amounts to be settled. This has now been in place for a couple of years with payment volumes and values rising every year. Providing a truly 24/7 payment option has paid off in not only releasing staff to more valuable work by cost effectively taking payments online but also suiting customers' preferences better - one payment was taken at 04:26 for £5.60!!